Catacombic Theology | Make The World Great Again?

There is a proverb ”the exception proves the rule” but the exception can just as easily deflect the rule, or even re-create it.

— Felix Guattari

Across the developed world and beyond, we are witnessing a plurality of inflamed voices calling for a return to worlds of moral resiliance, great productivity, national pride and collective affluence. Since the future appears as exceptionally uncertain and our present existential territories lack both the robustness and the elements perceived by many as necessary to sustain their hopes and aspirations, these bombastic proclamations are often times received as salvific.

The seemingly paradoxical absence of tangible allusions to concrete history, or actual state of affairs, should not surprise us because the worlds presented to us are imaginatively assembled only after the universal principle of untruth has been implemented as their solid foundation. Hence the unadulterated worlds to which we are encouraged to return belong to other realms and are therefore essentially inaccessible—knowledge about them is attainable only through the edicts of what they currently condemn. Their promises thus ultimately rests on the crucifixion of the rare, the singular, the exceptional.

Rather than allowing for our critique of despots to qualify the overcoded worlds they speak of, our aim should be to affirm the possible worlds they principally exclude as a precondition for the self-serving visions they present. Our critique will then be an outcome of, and function in service to, our differential affirmation. So, when Donald Trump says that he intends to make America great again, we should not respond by asking when America was ever great for black people, women, gays and so on, since such questions imply an affirmation of the political discourse as defined by Trump. Such reactive qualifications of Trump’s enclosed image of the world have only served to strengthen its validity in the minds of the socius, which the outcome of the American election blatantly shows.

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